Coffin Handles in South Africa

Coffin handles, also called coffin fittings, differ from casket handles just as the coffin shapes differ from the casket shape. Coffin handles are sometimes used on square funeral boxes, which are actually called caskets.When coffin handles is used on square boxes it is used on entry level and cheap caskets, making the casket more affordable for people who cannot afford wrap around casket handles or luxury caskets.

It is not possible to use wrap around handles on coffins as coffins are shaped in such a way that loose coffin handles must be used.A coffin has six corners with tempered shoulders. Due to the tapered shoulders, loose coffin handles must be used. An example of the shape of a coffin is that of the mummy coffins found in the Pyramids. The form of the coffin, therefore does not allow for the use of extended continuous handles. It is better suited to lose coffin handles which are attached 3 on a side.

Caskets on the other hand are made rectangular and are well suited for wrap-around handles or continuous swing handles.

Coffin Handles not only finishes the coffin beautifully but coffin fittings are used to beautify the coffin and is a convenient way to carry the deceased to the grave. The coffin manufacturer must ensure that he purchases strong quality coffin handles from a reputable coffin handle manufacturer.
It is wise not to purchase a coffin handle set where the coffin handle only uses two screws to attach to the coffin. Any of the screws may have a factory defect. If the coffin handle only attach to the coffin having only one screw on each side of the handle, the coffin handle might dislodge, should a screw break. Ideally each coffin handle should have at least two screws on each side of the coffin handle.

It is possible to reinforce the coffin handle. In South Africa the coffin fittings come in different finishes, for example, bronze coffin handles, Gold coffin handles, Silver coffin handles or Wood coffin handles. It is important to make sure that the coffin manufacturer chose coffin handles that compliments each coffin.

Basic coffin handles are used for economy coffins.
Solid coffin grips or coffin handles are used for middle and top of the range coffins.

Coffin swing handles, also called coffin swing bars, are used for top of the range coffins.This type of coffin handle set is a combination of 2 coffin handles for the head part of the coffin and a long continuous coffin swing handle for the length after the shoulder to the feet of the coffin.